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RV lifestyle and Tiny Houses are all the craze

Tiny Houses and Renovated RV’s

Whether motivated by environmental impact concerns, embracing the minimalist lifestyle, or just because of nostalgia, everyone’s getting in on the renovated RV/Bus craze! Most of us have known for some time, however, how fabulous the RV lifestyle is, but now that the whole world is realizing it, that’s not a bad thing!

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are synonymous with road trips and summer. Whether you’re taking a cross country drive in a giant motorhome with all the amenities of a real house, or camping out in a renovated van, these vehicles epitomize freedom and travel — and they’re getting more and more popular.
Today, RVs — be they trailers or converted vans — have seen a resurgence in popularity based on nostalgia. You can even stay in a renovated Airstream trailer via Airbnb.
Keep reading for a look into how RVs have changed over the years.

Puppy Dogs Love RV Living

Have Pets Will Travel!

Traveling with pets makes the journey even more enjoyable, and we know that many pets thoroughly enjoy traveling in RV’s with their families. Our feline and canine companions make everything feel even more like home on wheels, especially if they’re snugglers.

But there are some important things to keep in mind so your pets stay safe and happy. Here’s a few suggestions:

-Pack all the pet gear including extra water
-Pick a pet friendly destination
-Secure your pet in a seat belt harness or a carrier that’s been fixed in place.
-Make plans for stops for your pet.
-Stay aware of the weather and monitor your RV temperature which you can even do remotely
-Be a responsible traveler and pick up after your pet, obey leash laws and keep pet noise to a minimum.
-Explore together. Your pet will enjoy being with you and seeing the world!
And don’t forget we’ve got a lovely dog park at Alliance Hill RV Park.  Stop in and see us soon!

Kiowa at Seacrest Wolf Preserve

Seacrest Wolf Preserve in North Florida is a Must See

When you park your RV in the Alliance Hill RV Resort, you may wonder what you’ll do with all your free time. After all, you won’t have to wait in long lines of traffic, you won’t get stuck in any crowds and you definitely won’t be subjected to the sounds of civilization. (That sounds just about perfect, to us!) Sometimes, however, you just want to get out and DO SOMETHING. If you want to head out and explore the area, stop by the Seacrest Wolf Preserve in North Florida for an experience unlike any other. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity gets you up-close and personal to some of nature’s most beautiful creatures.
As the largest wolf preserve in the Southeastern United States, the Seacrest Wolf Preserve is located on over 400 acres of nature trails, ponds and lakes perfect for the variety of wildlife that call it home. Wild wolf species include the British Colombian wolf, the Gray wolf and other animals such as fox, racoons and coyotes.
The walking tour through the 3-acre wolf habitat is designed to give visitors the experience of being part of the wolf pack. It includes hands-on interaction with the wolves, as well as the chance to be part of a wolf howl. A concession and restroom stop partway through the tour gives you a chance to rest, while reflecting on the experiences you’ve had so far. The Small Animal Adventures experience lets you meet and greet some of the preserve’s most adorable creatures and provides photo ops that you’ll treasure forever. Before you leave, stop by the gift shop to wander through their selection of wolf-themed merchandise to take home as souvenirs.
We can’t guarantee that you’ll see a wolf while you’re staying at the Alliance Hill RV Resort, but you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beauty of unspoiled Florida nature. Who knows – once you’ve spent an afternoon getting to know the creatures at the Seacrest Wolf Preserve, maybe you’ll be more attuned to the animal world and they’ll stop by and say hello.
Looking for a place to explore Florida’s wildlife? Give us a call – we’ll reserve your RV site today!

Beautiful and Peaceful North Florida RV Park off I10

The Relaxed RV Lifestyle

Camping is about getting away from the hustle and bustle of life. It’s a chance to unwind and unplug from the busyness life brings and to reconnect with your family and nature. When you pull your camper into a campground that boasts of hundreds of sites and every amenity possible, sometimes it doesn’t feel that different from everyday life.
Sometimes, that’s not a bad thing. Once in a while, it’s nice to be surrounded by other vacationers who share some of the same experiences and enjoyment of camping. With so many things to do on the activity list, you never have to worry about being bored. But when you truly want to get away from the cares and pressures of every day, getting lost in the crowd can just be another form of stress.
When you’re ready to truly unwind, you need a campground where the owner meets you at the gate, and your “neighbor” invites you over for a game of cards after you get set up. A place where a traffic jam means the deer are crossing the road, and the pool has plenty of room for everyone. Smaller doesn’t mean less amenities – it means more access. More access to the services and amenities, more individual connections with someone who knows you by name and more of a chance to enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Pet Friendly

We’re Pet Friendly

Next time you’re looking for a campground to park your RV, think smaller for more of what you’re looking for. Need a suggestion? You’ll find more than you expect at Alliance Hill RV. With over 60 acres, you get a front row seat to some of Florida’s most beautiful forests. With limited RV spots, you’ll be more than a campsite number, you’ll be a friend. If you’re heading to North Florida, or if you just want a place where you can breathe easy and truly get away, head up I-10 to Alliance Hill RV. We’d love to meet you!

The Importance of Vacationing

Travel can be rewarding. Getting to see new sights, meet new people and participate in new experiences keeps life interesting and offers a wide range of benefits. Did you know that there are health benefits to taking a vacation? Who knew that loading up in an RV and heading out for parts unknown is more than just fun – it’s good for you!
A Canadian study done in 2009 found that taking a vacation can alleviate stress. (Makes sense, right?) That same study, however, found that a vacation can also help promote peace, increase personal and social development, expand intercultural communication, and improve your well-being. Not only do vacations benefit you as an individual, they benefit your family, building a bond that is developed through shared experiences. Collective memories create positive ties among family members (and provide material for great ‘Remember when?’ stories in the future!).

North Florida RV Vacationing at its finest

North Florida RV Vacationing at its finest!

Medical studies show that there are physical benefits to taking a vacation as well. On average, people feel healthier after a vacation, they have less physical complaints and even see a reduction in cholesterol.
Not surprisingly, people returning to their regular activities after a vacation report feeling happier, less stressed and more satisfied with their lives. As a result, they are more productive, have lower rates of absenteeism from their jobs and are less likely to burnout.
Take care of your health – head out of town this summer for a chance to recharge, refresh and renew. Head to Alliance Hill RV Resort to enjoy 64 acres of unspoiled Florida beauty. Wander through our hiking trails, check out the native wildlife or spend time relaxing in our clubhouse and pool. Visit nearby Florida attractions, dust off your fishing pole or float down a spring-fed river. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or a month long vacation, you’ll be enchanted by how much relaxing you can do at Alliance Hill. Call us today to schedule your ‘just what the doctor ordered’ vacation.