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Severe Weather Prep for RV Lifestyle - Image of Storm

Severe Weather Prep in an RV

Severe weather events have become a prevalent topic in recent months. If you’re an RV dweller or traveler then paying attention to weather is an absolute responsibility.

Common sense plays a huge role in your safety.  Always have an emergency plan in place so you can react in a timely manner to weather threats.  If you’re on a road trip in your RV then your plan needs to adjust according to your current location.  Campgrounds and local police can be a resource for learning your evacuation route and location of the nearest storm shelter.   Many rescue personnel have lost their lives due to people “sticking it out” thinking they can protect their “stuff.” No material item is worth any safety risk to the lives or your family or rescue workers so seek shelter before things get ugly.   If you’re in an area that doesn’t have a local shelter locate a poured concrete building to wait out the weather.  Emergency essentials such as cash, medication, identification documents, credit cards, insurance information, phone chargers, etc. should be readily available to go if you need to head to a safe location.  As far as your RV is concerned batten down the hatches!  Store loose items and secure your awnings.  High winds are unsafe for RV road travel.

Local television news, Weather Radios and Weather Apps for phones are sources of weather news. And Twitter is one of the fastest sources for information so following @NWS or @weatherchannel is a great choice when wifi or cellular service is available. Don’t wait for someone to alert you.  Be proactive in staying informed of Lightning, Hurricanes, Flash Floods, High Winds and other destructive forces of nature.