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The pots and pans you really need in your RV kitchen

RV Cooking Essentials

RV living is partly about living a minimalist lifestyle. But when it comes to enjoying great food, you don’t want to sacrifice your favorite meals simply because you can’t fit everything that a kitchen may have. We’ve helped pare down the pots and pans you REALLY need to these basic essentials.

With so many kitchen tools available on the market, it’s hard to know what you actually NEED; what’s actually worth taking up that valuable cupboard space.

Most cooking experts agree, the pots and pans you can do the most work with, and which will be the most versatile are:

8″ non-stick skillet
10″ stainless steel skillet
Large stainless steel stock pot
12″ Cast Iron Skillet
4 quart stainless steel sauce pot
With these items you can do everything from fry an egg and prepare stir-fry for four, to simmer delicious chili and traditional cornbread for eight. Most of these items can serve dual purpose, like a glass bowl over the sauce pot can serve as a double boiler, and the cast-iron skillet can serve as baking pan for hearty beer and corn breads.

That myriad of selection at the local kitchen specialty store may be shiny and pretty, but if you get creative, you can do just as much in your RV kitchen as you could in your home, but with fewer tools and an organized kitchen. Which kitchen essentials can you not live without? Let us know!