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RV and Campsite Lighting

Winter brings longer nights and more darkness. While that’s great for campfires and and more sleep it can present other challenges. Depending on where you’re camping and who you’re camping near too much or too little light may be a problem so there’s a few “light” items you can take with you anywhere.

Solar power can be a tremendous help with lighting. You power your lights directly from the sunshine with very little effort. If you place a few solar powered lights and near your RV it will make it easier and safer for you to maneuver your campsite in the dark hours of the evening. You can use just a few or enough to create a path if you prefer. You simply stick them in the ground by their post so they’re easily portable from site to site.

Have you ever tried to sleep with your neighbors lights shining right in your RV window? That’s never any fun and inconsiderate of other campers. Don’t be “that guy!” Purchase a simple outdoor timer and you won’t have to remember to turn off your outside lights and won’t disturb those around you.

Book lights are a great option for bunk lighting. You can read a book and relax without bothering anyone else in the RV. There are numerous types to choose from including plug in and battery powered options.

Enjoy those long winter nights. With these items there’s no need to feel afraid of the dark.