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NOT On the Road Again – At Least Not Now

Many people are (wisely) cancelling their road trips right now, despite beautiful spring weather.  While this is advisable for those at high-risk for infection, if you’re traveling in your RV due to living the RV lifestyle, rest assured most states have declared that RV parks are “essential” and can remain open during this crisis.

Recognizing that some people live in their RV full-time, most campgrounds and RV parks have remained open in the sense that water, electric and sewage hookups are still live, but pools, dog-parks, playgrounds, and clubhouses are closed until local and state officials can get a handle on this unprecedented event.

Meanwhile, if you are on the road during this time, there’s a good article in the New York Times about the interesting impact this has had on interstate travel.  While the USA is ONE NATION, the Federal Government still derives power from the States, making each Governor responsible for setting travel restrictions across their state lines as they see fit.  Therefore, if you’re on the road and seeking to move between state lines at this time, it may be a good idea to visit the DOT website for the state you are seeking to enter and determine if it’s worth it to keep going, or if it’s better to stay put.

Alliance Hill RV Park WILL REMAIN OPEN!  Our clubhouse, pool, showers, and dog-park are currently closed, but our sites and full hook-ups remain open and safe for travelers.  We will endeavor to follow the direction of state and local government officials to re-open facilities as we can, but if you need a place to “hunker down” for a few days or a few weeks, we’re here for you.