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Naming Your RV is Fun

Of Course You Should Name Your RV

Almost everyone knows when you purchase a new boat you’re going to give it a name.  It creates a connection,  and the same goes for your new RV.  Whether it’s for vacation road trips or will become your permanent home, giving it a name is traditional and fun.

Unless you already have a specific name in mind for your “Road Warrior” there are a number of things you can take into consideration to create a name uniquely your own.  What would you find more appealing?  A humorous name such as  “packupyourtroubles” or something more classic like “Path Finder” or “Prowler”?  “The Mystic Dreamer” might be attached to a memory of a great vacation and make you feel sentimental about your RV.  Or possibly it’s about specific activities you’re planning or the places you’re planning to visit while you’re on the open road.   Will you be a “Desert Nomad” or an “Eagle Mountaineer”?  If your RV is becoming your permanent home the name might reflect that lifestyle.  Whatever name you choose when you see it on your “Mobile Palace” it should bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart.

It’s ok if choosing the right name might take some time.  It’s not always an easy decision.  Unless your Forrest Gump….no doubt it would be “Jenny.”