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Great Gadgets for RV Living

For those of us who live the RV Life, there are many choices, but limited space! That’s why it’s important to choose which gadgets you will really use and benefit from, and make room for those. Choosing gadgets that are small but have a big impact on safety, comfort or convenience is key. Here are some of our favorites:

Collapsable Storage Containers – These are great because when you’re traveling, you may not have many leftovers, but once you settle in to a campground or RV Park, you can cook and enjoy that leftover stew, chili, or chicken breast easily! Collapsable storage containers mean you can save space when you need it, and save food when you must!

Dehumidifier – Find a small one that will have enough power to move the volume of air, yet store easily. As you’re traveling through various climates and all four seasons, this WILL be a MUST at some point.

Propane Stove – This is the perfect solution when you have to stay a night somewhere with no full hookup, and you need your soup at night and your coffee in the morning. They collapse so they take up practically no room when traveling, but are extremely useful in a pinch!

Collapsable or Folding Laundry Basket – The pop-up hampers are ok, but they tend not to last long when lugging laundry back and forth. We prefer the collapsable laundry baskets or folding hampers that are a bit more durable.

Whether you’re just beginning to live the #RVLife or you’re a seasoned RVer, there are always new innovations coming out that make #RVLiving just a little bit easier. Enjoy!