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Make your campsite spooky fun for Halloween this year.

Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Campsite

Camping during Halloween is one of the most fun activities of the RV Lifestyle because it just brings everyone together in the campground, and begins to put everyone in the mood for the upcoming holiday season.  We found some great ideas to help you create a super-spooky campsite!

Invisible Children – Use very light fabric, like old sheer curtains, and drape them over a large doll.  Make sure you create a hood over the head, as well as defining the arms as if the fabric were a cloak around the doll.  Spray the fabric with a stiffening spray or spray glue as it is resting on the doll in the desired shape.  Let it dry and then remove the doll from inside the cloak.  Voila – invisible children around your campsite.  To make it extra spooky, you could put some glow-in-the-dark glitter on the fabric before spraying.

Creepy Egg Sacks – If  “creepy” and “spiders” are synonymous to you, this one is especially fun to make.  Using cobwebbing, plastic spiders, and either a small styrofoam ball or small balloon, drop egg-sacs from a nearby tree or your awning.  You may even unintentionally deter people from wanting tricks or treats with this one!

Ghostly Dancers – Using dolls again, shape chicken wire as a bodice a skirt, and spray paint with glow-in-the-dark paint… place several around your campsite to create the illusion of a haunted gathering of dancers.

Reaching Out From Beyond – Using white plastic gloves (from a dollar store), place an activated glow stick inside them, add just a little air to give them shape, and place them on the ground under a light dusting of leaves, dirt and mulch… adding gravestones just above them gives the illusion they’re seeking to escape!


We hope everyone enjoys a fun and safe Halloween.  If you want to share pictures of YOUR fun Halloween decorations at your campsite, we’re on Facebook at @AllianceHillRV50Plus