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Fun Apps for RV Living

There are some great Apps for RVers to enjoy while traveling.  In addition to finding great locations, these apps allow you to read reviews from other travels, get helpful tips, and enjoy interaction with like-minded open-roaders like yourself!


Oh Ranger! is a good app, but is a bit dated, and largely only provides info on public, state and national parks.  But it allows for interesting information of each location from other members, and can help you plan some fun day-trips if you’re RVing long-term somewhere.

Park Advisor is an easy to use app.  It scales nicely on mobile and desktop, and allows you to add locations right from your phone!  You can add amenities of locations, leave reviews, and get the GPS coordinates of park location for easy navigation to your next stop!  Another nice feature of this app is it provides Map or List view so you can easily search by name if you know the name of the next RV park on your itinerary.

ToGo RV Companion is a fantastic app that helps you keep track of RV Maintenance, offers great how-to articles, and can even provide WiFi services.

Road Trippers is useful if you’re very social and seeking to meet up with people either on-route or once you get to your destination.  The free version allows for up to 5 “waypoints” along the way, but for more stops or longer trips a subscription is required.  If you only travel occasionally, or travel the same basic routes with each season, this app is not really useful except for some interesting reviews and articles.


The RV lifestyle is unique and there are as many ideas as there are RVers!  If you have an app you love, leave the info on our Facebook page to share with other Alliance Hill followers!