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Freshening Air in Your RV Naturally

If you or a member of your spouse has respiratory issues, you know that using aerosol air-freshers isn’t always the best choice, especially in the small space of an RV. Also, the concern about the danger of burning candles or incense, or spilling liquid wax is magnified in an RV, but we found some great ideas to help you freshen the air in your RV naturally!

Here’s some of our favorites:

Put coffee grounds at the bottom of a new garbage bag in the kitchen to freshen that typically stinky area, and to keep kitchen odors from spreading throughout the RV.

Dried herbs and flowers including rosemary, lavender and roses are a great way to provide a subtle hint of outdoor freshness in your RV and the subtle, natural smells can help you feel relax and clear-headed.

Did you know that houseplants actually help clean the air? They DO! Wow, just having a few great indoor houseplants can help increase the amount oxygen and fresh air in your RV, and they provide a touch of beauty too!

Simmering potpourri is a great way to “personalize” your air freshening. Rummage through your refrigerator and spice rack, and put some of your favorite flavors in a pot of simmering water. Using your favorite scent combinations like apple and cinnamon, oranges and cloves, or mint and lemon, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll enjoy the natural scent of ingredients you already have right in your kitchen.

Vinegar is a great way to get rid of food smells and combat bacteria at the same time. A solution of white vinegar to four parts water in a spray bottle can be spritzed into the air to combat strong odors like onion and garlic.

What’s your favorite way to naturally freshen the air in your RV? Let us know!