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Celebrating the Holidays RV Style

With Thanksgiving and Christmas fast approaching, we thought it would be fun to offer some creative ideas to celebrate the best season of the year scaled-down to an RV Lifestyle.  If you think you can’t have a grand and merry season just because you’re spending it in your RV, think again!  We found some great ideas!

  1. Cooking For Two –  There are some great recipes that can be modified for smaller number of servings including parmesan baked apples, and beef tenderloin with grilled Brussel sprouts on the side!
  2. Creative Decorating – Ever though of putting a Christmas Tree on the wall?  Well, here’s a great example.  If you’re camping, you can even get the materials while walking through the woods… a few cedar boughs and pine cones would make a wonderful festive tree without taking up any space!  (Before you bring materials into your camper, put into a plastic bag, seal tightly, and leave in the sun for a few hours to kill any bugs). 
  3. Make it Cozy and Bright – Use holiday themed throw pillows, comfy soft colorful blankets, and cute dish towels embroidered with Christmas and Thanksgiving themed images to brighten the interior of your RV and bring the spirit of the season with you everywhere you roam!
    Wall Christmas Tree - Image Courtesy of Tip Junkie

    Wall Christmas Tree – Image Courtesy of Tip Junkie

    We hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas.  Make sure you stop in at Alliance Hill RV Park in beautiful North Florida as you head back up north in 2019!