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RV lifestyle and Tiny Houses are all the craze

Tiny Houses and Renovated RV’s

Whether motivated by environmental impact concerns, embracing the minimalist lifestyle, or just because of nostalgia, everyone’s getting in on the renovated RV/Bus craze! Most of us have known for some time, however, how fabulous the RV lifestyle is, but now that the whole world is realizing it, that’s not a bad thing!

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are synonymous with road trips and summer. Whether you’re taking a cross country drive in a giant motorhome with all the amenities of a real house, or camping out in a renovated van, these vehicles epitomize freedom and travel — and they’re getting more and more popular.
Today, RVs — be they trailers or converted vans — have seen a resurgence in popularity based on nostalgia. You can even stay in a renovated Airstream trailer via Airbnb.
Keep reading for a look into how RVs have changed over the years.

Puppy Dogs Love RV Living

Have Pets Will Travel!

Traveling with pets makes the journey even more enjoyable, and we know that many pets thoroughly enjoy traveling in RV’s with their families. Our feline and canine companions make everything feel even more like home on wheels, especially if they’re snugglers.

But there are some important things to keep in mind so your pets stay safe and happy. Here’s a few suggestions:

-Pack all the pet gear including extra water
-Pick a pet friendly destination
-Secure your pet in a seat belt harness or a carrier that’s been fixed in place.
-Make plans for stops for your pet.
-Stay aware of the weather and monitor your RV temperature which you can even do remotely
-Be a responsible traveler and pick up after your pet, obey leash laws and keep pet noise to a minimum.
-Explore together. Your pet will enjoy being with you and seeing the world!
And don’t forget we’ve got a lovely dog park at Alliance Hill RV Park.  Stop in and see us soon!

State Marking Stickers Map

Maybe you’ve seen them, whizzing past you on the interstate. The ‘serious’ campers. The ones with the map of the United States on the side of the RV, showing everywhere they’ve gone. Did you know that with more and more campers starting to use this form of identification, they have adopted new regulations to monitor exactly who gets these stickers? We did some investigating and found this…
For those using or planning on using these maps, it is important that you fully understand the rules and regulations regarding the proper use of these markers.
Annotated code for State Marking Stickers Map
(Federal Highway Administration and DOT guidelines)
Section A: Rules of state markings
Subsection 1: Per DOT guidelines and the Federal Highway Administration persons with state sticker maps on Campers/RV’s must have slept in that state in their camper for a minimum of 7 hours to qualify for a sticker for said state. Hook-ups are not needed. Only the driver must sleep in the Camper/RV for the said time.
Subsection 2: Persons can qualify for a state sticker by sleeping in a state approved rest area, chain store parking lot (Wal-Mart), grocery store or designated truck stop. In remote locations the side of the road will qualify. Persons wishing to qualify for said state sticker must also adhere to Subsection 1 of the annotated code of state marking stickers.
Subsection 3: Persons wishing to challenge the rulings of the code for sticker qualification can submit in writing to:
Department of Transportation
1234 Independence Ave
Washington DC

Is this really regulated?

Please state the reason you feel you should qualify, attach a picture of the location in which you stayed and submit it on a DOT form 8745 with a self addressed envelope. Please allow 36 to 40 weeks for processing your claim.
(In case you’re wondering, this is only a joke!) What’s not a joke is staying at the Alliance Hill RV Resort for a chance to relax in the beauty of north Florida! Call today to reserve your spot! 850-545-4928

Natural Fun in North Florida

The Beauty of Summer in North Florida

Summer in Florida means water. Whether it’s the warm waters of the gulf or the refreshing crisp waters of Florida’s natural springs, visitors and residents use Florida’s easy access to water as a way to cool off and relax. Everyone is drawn to the water in Florida – human and wildlife – so if you are looking for a glimpse of the true Florida, head to the nearest natural water source.

Far from the line of cars waiting to visit one of Florida’s theme parks, the natural lines of lazy rivers and graceful, moss covered trees wait quietly. As the weather heats up and the tourists flock to roller coasters and animal shows, true Floridians know the secret beauty of the state can be found in the many state parks that can be found here. North Florida is home to some of the state’s best kept secrets and unspoiled beauty. Want to discover the real Florida? Visit one of these hidden gems.

Spring Creek
Located in Jackson County, Spring Creek gives you a glimpse of Florida’s natural wonders, and is the perfect venue for canoeing, kayaking or tubing. An easy, 4-mile trek, nature lovers will be delighted at the sights and sounds of the river. An impressive number of plant species can be spotted from the river, and a winding pathway through the surrounding park offers a close up view of the landscape.

Ichetucknee Springs
One of Florida’s most beloved springs, Ichetucknee State Park offers visitors the chance see Florida at its finest. Tucked into the park are picnic areas and hiking trails, providing visitors with opportunity to spot ducks, herons, or deer, just a few of the many species living in the surrounding woods. Float lazily down the Ichetucknee River for a relaxing afternoon, or quietly paddle a kayak through the wetlands of the park. This gentle river is a brisk 72 degrees year-round, making it the perfect way to cool off on a steamy spring day.

Wakulla Springs
One of the deepest and largest springs in the world, Wakulla Springs State Park is on the National Register of Historic Places. Famed for its beauty and diverse animal population, the spring attracts visitors like alligators, manatees and deer, while the surrounding park boasts karst features and hundreds of unusual plants. Take a guided boat tour down the river for an up-close look at nature, or enjoy a dip in the spring to cool off.
The best part about these Florida gems? The balmy Florida weather makes these the perfect places to visit year-round. Take in the local wildlife with a walking tour on a cool spring day, or relax in the springs for a way to escape summer’s heat. No matter when you visit Florida, make your way to the real attraction: the beauty of the state.


Enjoy Your North Florida Vacation at Alliance Hill RV Resort

Looking to explore the natural treasures hiding amongst North Florida’s forests? The ideal location and Southern charm of Alliance Hill RV Resort offers RVers a perfect launch point, proving that you don’t need white sand beaches to experience the perfect Florida vacation!

Bye-Bye Beaches, Hello Karst Formations!

Spring came early to North Florida this year, sweeping in mid-afternoon showers, pollen from blooming flowers, and, of course, adventurous RVers. With summer just around the corner, Marianna temperatures will soon reach 90 degrees – a dream for Florida vacationers and sun-seeking RV owners.

Unlike Central and South Florida, North Florida’s most beautiful scenery isn’t white sand beaches; they’re karst formations or landscapes formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks from years of trickling water. Trade in getting sand lodged between your toes (and other places) for swimming in the bluest of freshwater springs or hiking amongst old growth forests. From springs to creeks and underwater caves to dry caverns, North Florida’s breathtaking natural wonders present RVers with a truly unique Florida experience.

North Florida's Blue Springs is just a short drive away from Alliance Hill RV Park.

North Florida’s Blue Springs

Dive into Blue Springs Crystal Waters

Jackson Blue Springs Recreation Area, conveniently located five miles east of Marianna, is a natural freshwater spring with a sprawling underwater cave system. Nature enthusiasts can hike the wooded trails surrounding the springhead and expect to see native wildlife like herons, cormorants, and ibis, as well as turtles. Experienced scuba divers can rent diving equipment from Cave Adventurers to explore the magnificent underwater cave complex. Or if you’re just looking to bask in the blue waters, individuals can rent tubes, canoes, and paddle boats.

Blue Springs is located at 5461 Blue Springs Highway Marianna, FL 32447. The spring opens to the public the weekend of May 28th and will remain open seven days a week until August 7th, at which point it will only be open on weekends until September 5th. There is an admission fee of $4.00 per person and the park gates open at 9:30am and close at 6:00pm. Guests are encouraged to arrive earlier given the location’s massive popularity amongst tourists and locals, alike.

Individuals can rent canoes or paddle boats for $10.00/hour or rent tubes, volleyballs, and basketballs for $1.00/hour. There is a fee of $30.00 to dive in the limestone caves. To learn more about planning a day trip to Blue Springs call (850)-482-2114 or visit their website: Blue Springs.

Florida Caverns State Park is a Short Distance Away from Alliance Hill RV  Park

Florida Caverns

Hike, Crawl and Explore Florida’s Dry Caverns

You can thank thousands of years of water erosion for the glistening and spectacular caves at Florida Caverns State Park. A beautiful example of the karst topography that dominates the North Florida region, the dry caverns offer vacationers a unique respite from the Sunshine State’s iconic beaches. Stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws and flowstones decorate the air-filled caves, creating a mesmerizing display of limestone formations.

Visitors can explore the vast caverns on guided 45-minute tours that are available five days a week except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The tour is considered to be moderately strenuous, so individuals with certain disabilities or health concerns can call the Ranger Station at (850)-482-1228 to better understand the tour’s difficulty. In addition, an audiovisual program can be viewed at specific areas of the park and at the visitor center.

Florida Caverns State Park isn’t all about exploring cave passages, either. Visitors can play a round of golf on the park’s nine-hole golf course dating back to the New-Deal era. Or, individuals can fish or boat along the Chipola River, which has its own boat ramp, and swim or canoe on Blue Hole spring, a refreshing 2-vent spring.

The park is located at 3345 Caverns Road Marianna, FL 32446, just three miles north of downtown Marianna. The park opens at 8:00am and is open 365 days a year, except for major holidays. There is an admission fee of $5.00 per vehicle with a maximum capacity of 2-8 passengers and $2.00 for pedestrians, bicyclists, and extra passengers. Learn more about the state park or book your guided cave tour on their website: Florida Caverns State Park

River turning at Florida's Bear Paw Escape is just a short drive away from Alliance Hill RV Resort.

Florida River Tubing

Float Along with Friends at Bear Paw

Want to spend the day floating in Florida’s emerald waters? Then Bear Paw Escape is for you! Visitors can float along the Chipola River in rental tubes, kayaks or canoes and enjoy spectacular views of old growth forests, freshwater springs and winding creeks.

Guests wanting to rent a tube can choose between five different types: a regular black tube for $15.00, a caddilac tube for $20.00, big bertha (fits two) for $30.00, the air head boat shaped tube for $25.00 and the wow zoom for $40.00 (fits two). There’s only one tubing trip offered, which takes visitors on a four-hour floating excursion down Spring Creek.

Whitewater Adventures at Bear Paw Escape are just a short drive away from Alliance Hill RV Resort.

Florida’s Whitewater Adventures

If you want a more fast-paced river adventure, visitors can rent a kayak or canoe for $35.00 and choose between three different river trips, as well as the Spring Creek trip. There’s the Hinson Trip, which takes three hours for canoes and two hours for kayaks to finish and features a large cavern and several freshwater springs. The Yancey Bridge trip will take five hours by canoe or three and a half hours by kayak to complete the 9.8-mile aquatic journey. The last option, the Peacock Bridge Trip, is an ideal route for experienced or daring handlers as the trip features several small whitewater rapids. It will take visitors four and a half hours to float by canoe and three and half hours by kayak to finish this 14-mile adventure.

Bear Paw is located at 2100 Bear Paw Lane Marianna, FL 32448 and opens every day at 8:00am. All trips include a parking pass, shuttle pass, and necessary equipment. Bear Paw escapees purchase their trip options at the Bear Paw office, park their vehicle in the parking lot and then wait for a shuttle to take them to the launch destination. It is very important to note that Bear Paw does not offer instructions on how to use equipment and doesn’t have lifeguards or perform rescue missions.

To learn more about Bear Paw Escape’s river trips, prices and rules check out their website at BearPawEscape.com or call (850)-482-4948.
From Nicole VanDerSnick

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Jackson County commissioners have approved plans for recreation development at Lake Seminole, which would quadruple water recreation and activities. The Chattahoochee and Flint rivers flow into the 37,000 acre reservoir as the Apalachicola River, helping create the beautiful waters iconic to Florida. Continue reading


You know spring has arrived in Florida when the late afternoon showers begin and the ground is covered in a blanket of fuzzy pollen. But in Jackson County, spring has officially arrived when the outdoor events, festivals, and tournaments are finally back from a winter of hibernating.

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Blue Springs, an iconic natural landmark to North Florida, will finally open back up to the public May 25th and will open seven days a week until August 18th and weekends until Labor Day. The spring flows at an average rate of 76 million gallons of water a day that feed into Merritts Mill Pond—another prized ecotourism destination in the Marianna area. Continue reading