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Fun Apps for RV Living

There are some great Apps for RVers to enjoy while traveling.  In addition to finding great locations, these apps allow you to read reviews from other travels, get helpful tips, and enjoy interaction with like-minded open-roaders like yourself!


Oh Ranger! is a good app, but is a bit dated, and largely only provides info on public, state and national parks.  But it allows for interesting information of each location from other members, and can help you plan some fun day-trips if you’re RVing long-term somewhere.

Park Advisor is an easy to use app.  It scales nicely on mobile and desktop, and allows you to add locations right from your phone!  You can add amenities of locations, leave reviews, and get the GPS coordinates of park location for easy navigation to your next stop!  Another nice feature of this app is it provides Map or List view so you can easily search by name if you know the name of the next RV park on your itinerary.

ToGo RV Companion is a fantastic app that helps you keep track of RV Maintenance, offers great how-to articles, and can even provide WiFi services.

Road Trippers is useful if you’re very social and seeking to meet up with people either on-route or once you get to your destination.  The free version allows for up to 5 “waypoints” along the way, but for more stops or longer trips a subscription is required.  If you only travel occasionally, or travel the same basic routes with each season, this app is not really useful except for some interesting reviews and articles.


The RV lifestyle is unique and there are as many ideas as there are RVers!  If you have an app you love, leave the info on our Facebook page to share with other Alliance Hill followers!



Stay Cool While Traveling in the Heat

It’s definitely getting hotter no matter where on the continent you are, but here in Florida it’s already near scorching.  Summer heat doesn’t deter everyone, though.  So for those of you who want to travel and have hot fun in the summertime, here are some helpful tips to help you stay cool while traveling in the heat.

Keep-Cool Gear!  From headbands, to “shower” wipes, to fans, here’s some great gear that can help you stay cool while traveling.

Avoid Heat Stroke! Drinking plenty of fluids, eating light meals and wearing cool, light clothing can help keep your body temperature regulated during the hottest weather.  Here’s a great article from TRIP full of info and reminders to help prevent heat stroke or other health issues during the hottest summer months.

Take A Plunge! Try to schedule stops at places with lakes, rivers, springs, and pools where you can safely plunge into some cool water after traveling all day.  Of course, here at Alliance Hill our pool is ALWAYS ready for guests.

Plan Ahead! Consider traveling during off-peak hours (like rush hour through Atlanta or school-run times through a small town), and that will help you keep rolling and not sitting in traffic in the blazing sun.  Schedule plenty of down time into your itinerary so that you have time to rest if necessary, and this will also allow you to travel at your ease and make unplanned stops if necessary if/when traffic is especially heavy in a region.

Let Nature Help! Choose destinations that offer shade, waterfront, breezes, and plenty of space.  Areas near a body of water tend to provide cooler temperatures due to the sea breezes and/or the lack of concrete streets and buildings.

Cook Cool & Cook Outside! Once you’re settled at your destination, take the load off your AC unit during the hottest parts of the day by serving salads, smoothies, sandwiches, and light snacks that don’t require cooking.  During the evenings when it starts to cool off, you can grill outside to keep the heat down in your RV.


We hope everyone enjoys a wonderful summer of travel and relaxation.


Great Ways to Customize the Interior of Your RV

There are lots of fun ways for DIY-ers to customize their RVs.  Whether you’re looking to make the interior sassy and fresh, or muted and mellow, there’s plenty of ways customize your RV to your own taste and style.

CURTAINS:  These are easy enough to make even if you’re not an experienced sewer.  Using fabric glue or even velcro, you can make the hem and the rod pocket easily enough.  Just make sure you’re cutting the fabric so that the design will hang straight.  There are some very cute camping and RV themed fabric designs available at SpoonFlower.com. Here’s a link: https://www.spoonflower.com/collections/138813-camping-by-emmaallardsmith

DECORATIVE LIGHTS: Easy enough to find at any Dollar General, DollarTree or Five Below.  Anything and everything is available from ice-cream cones, to tassels, to sea life! Whatever your theme or color palate, decorative strands of lights will add brightness and flare to your interior!

DINING TABLE DECOUPAGE: You can use photos of the kiddos, images from places you’ve visited, old maps, or even menus from some of your favorite diners! Decorate your dining table can help rekindle fond memories of former travels, and also serve as a great conversation starter over meals.

WALL COVERINGS: Paint interesting stripes, use polka-dot stickers, or place photos in a “brick” pattern on your walls and/or ceiling.  You can even make temporary “removable” wallpaper using fabric and starch.  Here’s a link to the tutorial.

Ok, so if you’re ready to dive in and make some updates to your interior, please share your ideas and photos with us on our facebook page!

Potential signs of mice include chewed-through dry goods and trails of debris.

Rodents Entered RV While in Storage

We all think little Frederick and his little mouse family that live in the wall all winter are adorable, but we’re not so excited when the little mice have made their winter home in our RV.  How can you tell if you’ve been hosting these little rodent guests all winter?  Here are 3 signs you may have a rodent problem as you pull your RV out of storage to get ready for Spring travels.

  1. Made the mistake of keeping dry goods in the pantry?  Look here first for signs of nibbling on pasta boxes and even eating through packets of creamer and sugar.  If you left it in there, they found it.
  2. Is there an unusually foul smell?  This is likely a dead rodent who made and nest, enjoyed a comfortable stay, and then for any number of reasons died.  Rodents will go back to their nests to die, so if there had been any “bait bars” or other types of poison in the RV to deter mice and they took the bait, they won’t die near the source, they have gone back to their hidey hole in a wall, mattress or corner cupboard.
  3. Do you notice outdoor debris scattered around?  Mice will bring in their food sources, so if you notice trails of little bits of debris from outdoors, that’s an indication there’s a nest somewhere.
  4. Holes?  If you have a huge RV, inspecting for holes and points of entry can seem like a nightmare.  Some people will do an inspection at night, using a flashlight shining from the inside out, and a helper outside looking for any light coming through.  Mice can get through an opening as small as a dime, so some RV owners even wrap their RV with plastic wrap around windows and doors to make intrusion that much harder.

A rodent infestation is the worst as it means damage and usually a lengthy clean-up, but if you inspect your RV frequently while it’s in storage, and if you start the engine when you can, that can help deter the little critters to find a quite abode elsewhere.

Run fresh clean water through all faucets once the bleach solution is drained.

Sanitize Your Freshwater System – RV

Is the water smelling funny?  Or maybe your noticing just constant lower-than-usual pressure?  It may be time to sanitize the water system in your RV.  It’s not difficult and can be done in just a few easy steps.  Refer to your owners’ manual or visit the manufacturer’s website for detailed instructions regarding your specific RV so you don’t do any damage or void any warranty in any way.  We’ve gathered the most agreed-upon steps to sanitize most freshwater systems in most RV’s.

  1. Turn off water heater and drain once it is cool and not pressurized.
  2. Open all drain lines and let as much water fully drain as possible.  This may include low-point drain lines as well as draining the water from the holding tank.  If you want to turn on the pump to force out as much water from the holding tank as possible, use caution and continue to watch so that you can stop the pump immediately when water stops flowing.
  3. Close all drains.
  4. The standard rule of thumb for bleach to water is 1/4 cup for every 15 gallons.
  5. Fill the freshwater tank to capacity, open all hot and cold faucets, and turn on the pump.
  6. Once water begins to flow through all pipes, turn off faucets and leave the system sealed with the bleach solution for 12 hours.  Some people even drive the motor coach or pull the trailer a little bit to move the water around within the system helping to ensure all pipes and surfaces make contact with the bleach solution.
  7. After at least 12 hours, open all drains and drain the bleach water completely from the system.  Make sure you’re not draining into an area where plant life could be harmed by the bleach cleaning solution.
  8. Refill the water tank, and run water through all faucets until the smell of bleach is completely absent.

Keeping your RV in good shape isn’t hard if you tackle these projects one at a time.  Part of the pleasure of the RV Lifestyle is enjoying taking care of your home away from home.