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Enjoy RV Living in Florida’s Mild Winters

On average, Florida has the mildest winters in the USA, so it’s natural that many people choose to winter in their RV in Florida. However, there’s no need to drive all the way to the Keys to experience the benefits of a mild winter near the Gulf of Mexico. North Florida has many great attractions to keep you entertained and occupied while escaping the harsh winters up north.

Some of the world’s finest golf courses are located right along the panhandle of North Florida. Stretching from Pensacola to St. Augustine, there are literally dozens of award-winning golf experiences to choose from! Click here to learn about some of the most beautiful and challenging courses North Florida has to offer.

Birding in Florida is at it’s best from January to March. This is the perfect time to imitate their wisdom, and head south for the wither. During your winter stay in North Florida, birding is a great excursion and St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge is one of the top birding destinations in the nation. Learn more about this beautiful sanctuary at the St. Mark’s website here.

Plenty of fun family-friendly festivals to enjoy during your winter stay in beautiful North Florida will keep you busy several days a week. Check out the Night of Lights Boat Tour in St. Augustine, the Kumquat Festival in Date City, or the Panama City Beach Mardi Gras and Music Festival.

Contact us today to plan your extended stay in North Florida’s favorite RV park, Alliance Hill RV Park. Call 850-260-8154 to reserve today!

June Events in North Florida

It’s hot, yes, but we Floridians still know how to throw a great party!  Here are some great events coming up in June and July here in North Florida!

June 15th at the Seawalk Pavilion in Jacksonville Beach.  COUNTRY MUSIC FEST — chill country acts including: Ryan Hurd, Tucker Beathard, Few Mile South, Soul Circus Cowboys and Second Shot Band. free (unless you want VIP premium seating) and family friendly.

EMERALD COAST BLUE MARLIN CLASSIC: off-shore fishing tournament, live music, food and Friday night fireworks. June 13-21 in SanDestin

June 22 at the North Florida Fairgrounds – The 28th Annual Model RailRoad Show

June 26th at Jacksonville Beach is the annual Lifeguard Challenge

SUMMER MOVIE CLASSICS at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville – Every Sunday throughout the summer.

SMOKE ON THE COAST BBQ AND FIREWORKS FESTIVAL Fourth of July fireworks,  local restaurants and award-winning BBQ veterans serving up $1 samples, live music, family entertainment and fireworks. July 3 Destin Commons



Alliance Hill RV Park in Beautiful North Florida. Open post Hurricane Michael.

Thanks to All Helping During Hurricane Michael Recovery

We’re open for business, but we know not everyone is open yet.  We have had many people staying here who are contractors helping with the relief efforts, and we’re so thankful that everyone is working together to help Panhandle residents recover.

We’re thankful to the following organizations who are offering assistance in various ways during this time.

  • We know that over 800 AirBNB owners opened their homes free of charge for evacuees.
  • Disney made a $1,000,000 donation towards relief efforts
  • The Salvation Army is providing nearly 20,000 meals per day to residents in Panama City, Tallahassee and Apalachicola.
  • The Red Cross is reminding donors all over the nation that blood is needed in the Panhandle during this time, assisting hospitals and blood banks.

This is just a few of the organizations helping us recover.  We know there are countless unnamed private citizens sending supplies, helping clear debris from roadways, and supporting the efforts of the State of Florida and FEMA.

We’re going to get back up and running as a State, and we will be as vibrant as ever.  In the meantime, ALLIANCE HILL RV PARK IS OPEN and we are here for anyone needing a place to stay during recovery.

God bless Florida.

Maclay Gardens is a beautiful place to spend the day here in North Florida.

Maclay Gardens | Hidden Gem in Tallahassee

Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park in Tallahassee is just another one of North Florida’s little hidden gems.  If you’re planning on heading south for the winter, Alliance Hill RV Park is a great stopover, but we hope while you’re here you’ll spend a couple days seeing some of North Florida’s treasures, and Maclay Gardens is indeed worth the trip.

You can spend a beautiful afternoon in the cooler Florida temperatures of October and November enjoying these picturesque settings.  In October there are some fun events like a Jazz festival and Tomoka-Fest.  There are two short nature trails for those who love to stroll, but there are also biking and equestrian paths as well.  The gardens are lush with azaleas, and those willing to meander can find the secret reflection pool.

Maclay Gardens is a beautiful place to spend the day here in North Florida.

Maclay Gardens is a beautiful place to spend the day here in North Florida.

We sure hope you’ll enjoy all the wonderful little hidden gems North Florida has to offer, and we would like to be the place that you call “home” while you’re here!

To make your reservation for a stay at Alliance Hill RV Park in North Florida, call Glenn at 850-545-4928 OR fill out our online reservation request form.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

enjoying wildflowers RV living

Bloom Spotting in North Florida – RV Lifestyle

If you’re traveling along I-10, or any of the by-ways of North Florida, anytime between April and September, you’re in for a beautiful showing of wildflowers. As you cruise along in your RV or pulling your camper, you’re going to want to put down that book or cell phone and enjoy the show. Here are some of the blooming beauties you will experience as you travel North Florida this summer.

Pine Barren Frostweed: This perennial offers clusters of 5-petaled yellow blooms about 1 inch each at the end of shrub-like stalks. From March through June, you’ll see these hearty little beauties along many North Florida roadsides.

Rose-Rush: This Florida native is best appreciated close up. It’s delicate dusty-purple petals are serrated at the ends, blooming from the end of just one long stalk. Their stamens curly-q around each other in a delightfully delicate manner. One would think they were right out of wonderland.

Blue flower Butterwort: Amazingly detailed, this bloom is actually variegated with veins of light purple running through a darker purple blossom. A carnivore, it’s stamen looks remarkably like a little caterpillar, and it blooms on a single stalk growing from a light-green cluster of 3 inch long leaves, which could easily be mistaken for a weed in one’s garden. Needing very little nutrients, and enjoying the sandy, well-draining soil of Florida, these little beauties bloom happily along the interstate winter through spring.

Want to see more? You can visit to see images of wildflowers other travelers have shared at https://flawildflowers.org/whats-in-bloom/. If you have a great picture you would like to share, you can email it to photos@flawildflowers.org along with the location where you took the photo, and it will be added to the page!

Beautiful Native Florida Wildflowers

Florida Wildflowers

If you were to survey random people about what Florida is most famous for, you’d likely get a variety of answers that describe the beautiful beaches, the stunning sunsets, and the tourist trade that centers around a mouse. Few would mention the acres of flora and fauna that grace the state with lush, green foliage or the striking dashes of color that dot the landscape in wildflower patches. For those near the panhandle, however, it is apparent why Ponce de Leon declared the land, La Florida, “the land of flowers”.
The Panhandle is ideal for wildflowers due to the large amounts of public land, filled with the perfect combination of slightly acidic, moist sand-soil. Even more ideal, the land is regularly managed with prescribed burns, creating conditions that give wildflowers everything they need to thrive. What does that mean? It means that guests at Alliance Hill RV Resort are perfectly situated to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery Florida has to offer, located miles away from the beach.
Wildflowers play an important role in the Florida landscape. As native plants, they require less amounts of water, fertilizers, and pesticides than other types of plants. They provide native wildlife with habitat and food, and are hardy plants that can sustain both the wet afternoons of spring and the heat of summer days. Often mischaracterized as ‘weeds’, these beautiful flowers will captivate you as you study their beauty and their function.
Want to explore this unknown side of Florida’s landscape? You’re in luck. Located near I-10, the Florida Wildflower Foundation has identified a route through the Eastern Panhandle known as the Wildflower Trail. Their interactive website makes it easy to follow the wildflowers across the state, and provides an identification guide to help you track what you’re seeing. With user submitted photos, you can see just what’s blooming (and where) and even submit your own wildflower images.
How many of Florida’s native wildflowers can you spot on your journey through the Panhandle? We’d love to see your pictures! Call today to reserve your site at Alliance Hill RV Resort…the flowers are waiting! http://ow.ly/bBMN30bIEAA