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June Events in North Florida

It’s hot, yes, but we Floridians still know how to throw a great party!  Here are some great events coming up in June and July here in North Florida!

June 15th at the Seawalk Pavilion in Jacksonville Beach.  COUNTRY MUSIC FEST — chill country acts including: Ryan Hurd, Tucker Beathard, Few Mile South, Soul Circus Cowboys and Second Shot Band. free (unless you want VIP premium seating) and family friendly.

EMERALD COAST BLUE MARLIN CLASSIC: off-shore fishing tournament, live music, food and Friday night fireworks. June 13-21 in SanDestin

June 22 at the North Florida Fairgrounds – The 28th Annual Model RailRoad Show

June 26th at Jacksonville Beach is the annual Lifeguard Challenge

SUMMER MOVIE CLASSICS at the Florida Theatre in Jacksonville – Every Sunday throughout the summer.

SMOKE ON THE COAST BBQ AND FIREWORKS FESTIVAL Fourth of July fireworks,  local restaurants and award-winning BBQ veterans serving up $1 samples, live music, family entertainment and fireworks. July 3 Destin Commons



Make your campsite spooky fun for Halloween this year.

Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Campsite

Camping during Halloween is one of the most fun activities of the RV Lifestyle because it just brings everyone together in the campground, and begins to put everyone in the mood for the upcoming holiday season.  We found some great ideas to help you create a super-spooky campsite!

Invisible Children – Use very light fabric, like old sheer curtains, and drape them over a large doll.  Make sure you create a hood over the head, as well as defining the arms as if the fabric were a cloak around the doll.  Spray the fabric with a stiffening spray or spray glue as it is resting on the doll in the desired shape.  Let it dry and then remove the doll from inside the cloak.  Voila – invisible children around your campsite.  To make it extra spooky, you could put some glow-in-the-dark glitter on the fabric before spraying.

Creepy Egg Sacks – If  “creepy” and “spiders” are synonymous to you, this one is especially fun to make.  Using cobwebbing, plastic spiders, and either a small styrofoam ball or small balloon, drop egg-sacs from a nearby tree or your awning.  You may even unintentionally deter people from wanting tricks or treats with this one!

Ghostly Dancers – Using dolls again, shape chicken wire as a bodice a skirt, and spray paint with glow-in-the-dark paint… place several around your campsite to create the illusion of a haunted gathering of dancers.

Reaching Out From Beyond – Using white plastic gloves (from a dollar store), place an activated glow stick inside them, add just a little air to give them shape, and place them on the ground under a light dusting of leaves, dirt and mulch… adding gravestones just above them gives the illusion they’re seeking to escape!


We hope everyone enjoys a fun and safe Halloween.  If you want to share pictures of YOUR fun Halloween decorations at your campsite, we’re on Facebook at @AllianceHillRV50Plus



Microchip your pet may be a good option if you're on the road frequently.

Microchip in Pets for Traveling

If you’re on the road frequently, or for long periods of time, it’s likely you’ve got your best friend with you.  While we all seek to be especially careful to keep track of our naive and vulnerable pets, the worst case scenario absolutely can and does happen: your best friend gets loose and wanders off.  Having a collar and ID tag on the pet is a great way for the average person to know that the pet is not an abandoned stray, and is the simplest way for someone who finds your pet to contact you, but microchips are becoming a great plan B to have in place.

So how do microchips work?  Basically, a microchip ID is a small device which emits a radio frequency that is unique to an ID number assigned to your pet.  The chip also provides the phone number of the manufacturer of that chip, and that is where the ID number and pets info is registered.  Most vets and animal shelters have scanners that are universal and can read microchips from all major manufacturers.  Microchips can last up to 25 years, and because they are inserted just below the skin the subcutaneous tissue immediately begins to bond with the chip, making it highly unlikely the chip will migrate anywhere.

A collar with ID info is still the first line of defense against losing your pet, but if you and your best friend are on the road frequently, a microchip may be a good option.


camping with allergies

Camping with Allergies

It’s summertime!  For many that means hitting the open road and getting out of the hustle and bustle of urban life, and into the rural country air!  This is a wonderful experience for everyone, but can be daunting for those with airborne allergies.  Not to worry, with some pre-planning and some simple attention to detail, even allergy sufferers can enjoy a break from the city in the great outdoors.

Use a good pollen-count app.  In a previous blog, we evaluated some of the options available for good apps with accurate weather and pollen count information.  Try to plan ahead based on the dates and location to which you’re heading, and make sure you’re prepared if the predicted pollen count is high.  Obviously, traveling to an area where conditions are most agreeable as far as air-quality is ideal, but even if you’re heading somewhere where allergens are present, knowing ahead of time is half the battle.

Bring an air-purifier to make tent camping possible.  Even allergy sufferers can enjoy the cool evening air and the sounds of owls via the comfort of their own hypo-allergenic tent.  Most tents are made with hypo-allergenic material, and keeping the flaps closed is a great way to keep pollen and allergens out, and fresh air in.  Battery powered personal air purifiers are just the ticket to ensure that even an allergy sufferer can get a good night’s rest, as well as a respite from airborne allergens during the day.  Here’s a link to reviews of some great battery operated air purifiers.

Make sure air filters in RV’s are clean and HEPA.  Whether you’re renting and RV, borrowing one from a family member or friend, or taking your own, make sure the air filters are new and HEPA if possible.  If the RV is a rental, make sure to ask that you’re getting one in which there have been no pets, and that it has been freshly cleaned with hypo-allergenic cleaning solutions.

Talk to your doctor and stock up on your meds.  This is a no-brainer.  If you’re planning a trip away, make sure your doctor knows, and that you not only have all the necessary allergy medication, but that you have emergency supplies available as well.  Additionally, take paperwork with a list of allergens and all meds and dosages in a place that can be easily found by anyone in an emergency situation.  The more first responders know about your allergies, the better.

Summer is time to have fun, relax, and enjoy the great outdoors.  With a little pre-planning and some common sense, even an allergy sufferer can enjoy a trip to the wilderness.

Fun activities to do with the grandchildren during your summer visit!

Summer with the Grandchildren

Here’s a great article of fun activities to do if you’re spending some time with the grandchildren this summer!  Especially if you’re traveling to see them, you’re likely going to stay for awhile.  The American Grandparents Association has come up with a list of 100 fun things to do with the grandkids during your visit!  Who says you can’t have a 2nd childhood?!


Rean About 100 Things to do with the Grandchildren This Summer